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It's time to get your yard scheduled for an aeration. Aerating your lawn is the single best thing you can do for it! We use a commercial aerator that pulls a deep plug removing more stress than our competitors.

☻ We mark and flag irrigation so no need to worry about damage to the sprinkler heads! We also double aerate all of our lawns for maximum effectiveness. ☻

Call today to get your lawn scheduled

Spring has sprung and it is bringing back flowers and grass aplenty.  Is your lawn ready?

We provide free quotes on all lawn maintenance and landscaping needs.  If you have been holding off on a big project due to the weather, now is the time for action.  Easter is just around the corner, so we will make your project a priority so that your lawn and yard are ready for entertaining guests and hiding Easter eggs.  We will provide world-class service and ensure that any project we complete is worthy to be a part of the Scenic City and surrounding areas.  Give us a call today and get that project that has been waiting all winter completed quickly and efficiently.